About Our Factory

About Our Factory

Our factory is a modern dry food production kitchen with an annual production capacity of 35 tons, which isbuiltover an area of 3.5 sqm and equipped with the state-of-the-art technology. Nutrients we use in our facility where high quality, healthy and savoury dry food is produced for our friends are brought to our kitchen in their freshest condition from our approved and certified suppliers without breaking the cold chain and the food chain.

In our kitchen designed in compliance with human food production criteria, the ISO 9001 Quality Management System is further supported by ISO 14001 Environmental Management System;the Quality and Hygienic Production System by ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and the Hygienic Production System by BRC certificates. BRC standard is a standard of British origin and an internationally accepted food safety standard established on the basis of traceability from the supplier, personnel and infrastructural requirements at the food production facility to the end consumer. In addition to all these, production is carried out by the Fresh Meat Injection System (FMIS), which is a first in Turkey, in our kitchen and the saucing processes are carried out on hands-free basis by the double-vacuum technology. Our factory and distribution warehouse is located in the town of Salihli in the province of Manisa, which is the centre of rich raw material resources located at a one hour’s distance to the port city of İzmir.

As Hermos Pet Food, we keep working and making investments in our area of activity with all our might in order to offer proteins and energy resources to our friends in a natural and organic manner and prioritisehygiene, well-balanced nutritional contents and tastein our kitchen.


F.M.I.S : Fresh Meat Injection System

- Meat arrives at the factory in a manner in which cold chain will not be broken.
- Meat is dissolved into molecules without any additives.
- Meat acquires a homogenised liquid consistency of its own format.
- Fresh meat is injected into the extruder while the food is ofpasty consistency in the extruder.
- Fresh meat is homogenously distributed in the food.

- Digestibility rate of liquefied meat increases to 99 %
- Palatability of the food kibblesis optimised.
- Smell of the food kibblesbecomes attractive.
- Crispy form of the food kibblesis taken up to an attention-grabbing point.


Saucing and oiling operations are carried out on hands-free basis by the vacuum technology in our kitchen. By the double vacuum technology which is a first in Turkey, fat and sauce of the product are homogenously filled into all kibblesof the product, thus ensuring that the same taste may be obtained in all kibbles. Thus, ourfriends enjoy the same savoury taste in each and every kibblesour foods.

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Quality Control

Several analyses are carried out for quality control purposes in our factory. Analysis process starts with the selection of raw materials. When the selected raw materials arrive at the factory, samples are taken at different numbers and measured depending on the weight and type of the product. Measurements taken at the input inspection: proteins, fat, ash, cellulose and moisture. Besides, sensual and visual inspections are also carried out. Products coming from our approved suppliers are analysed by in our own laboratories and further in the accredited external laboratories at regular intervals. Primary tests are biological tests (Salmonella, I. Monocytogenes, enterobacter)
and, besides these, mould and yeast analyses. We perform and cause to perform pesticide analyses including but not limited to total toxins in vegetal products at regular intervals. Heavy metal and dioxin analyses are also carried out by the risk assessment at the product input. We obtain letters of declaration from our suppliers as to the fact that they will not cause chemical and radiological contamination.

Fat we use in production is one of the important raw materials for us both due to its capability to be used as dressing and due to its aromatic character. Therefore, we analyse the FFA (free fatty acidity) and peroxide values in each and every input and carry out the acceptance of the product if it is appropriate to accept it.

In the production process, samples and products from different points are analysed, thus guiding the production. And the analyses carried out in this process are proteins, fat, ash, cellulose and moisture which are the nutritional parameters of the product. These are analysed in each product before the product leaves the production process.

We place importance not only on our product but also on the quality of the water we use in the product. Therefore, we take the drinking water criteria at the stage of water analysis. In order to prevent the risk of contamination from the ambient air and machinery, total number of living organisms and mould and yeast status are analysed and besides hand swap analyses are carried out on the personnel.

And at the last stage, nutritional element analyses are repeated as end product analyses. Besides nutritional element analyses, analyses threatening food safety are also carried out. Analyses are  carried out by the periods as determined in the risk analysis. The analyses carried out are the following: Salmonella, I. Monocytogenes, Enterobacter, yeast and mould, total aflatoxin and toxin  varieties, heavy metals, dioxin, FFA and peroxide analyses. Migration analyses are obtained from our suppliers in order to prevent contamination from packaging. Depending on the quantity to be shipped, pre-shipment quality control analyses are carried out by taking a different number of samples from the products to be shipped.


ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 22000

"We produce excellent foods from natural and clean raw material resources by using state-of-the-art technology so that our friends may lead a healthy and happy life."