To become a worldwide brand by serving our delicacies as protein and energy source to our furry friends.

Among the main components of our pet food production, sustainable quality approach and respect to nature and all living creatures comes first. Together with this apprehensiveness, we collaborate with the leading universities of the world and cat-dog nutritionists. We also have advisors who are working in veterinary faculties of both domestic and foreign universities. We selectively supply our nutrients to be suitable even for humans from authorized suppliers.

Our Approach To Sustainabla Quality

Our Flavor; being a world brand that offers the best possible way to our pet friends as a source of protein and energy. We are conducting our R&D and Quality Control studies with responsibility. In our factory with ISO-9001, 14000 and 22000 certificates,

Our Priorities in Foods

We comprehend the importance of conscious nutrition of our pets for them to live a long and healthy life. Through our research as Hermospet, we develop pet food which can healthily meet the feeding needs of our pets. Our pet food has the excellent formula which prepared by the cat and dog nutritionists. Our pet food contains exclusive ingredients which have passed the special controls. Our main target is to be the irreplaceable pet food of our pet friends.

Why Hermos Pet?

The production process in Hermospet starts with the careful selection of nutrients which are suitable for our pet friend's taste and needs. The nutrients which got grinded by special grinders, are mixed by custom designed mixers together with the addition of vitamins and minerals needed by our pet friends, until they get homogenized. After that process, steam, water and liquid nutrients (animal fat and fresh animal products) are added in pre-treatment and extruded.

Our Production Facility