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About Us

Founders of the Hermos, Tuğrul family is a well known, successful and well established one, who is operating in food industry for a long time. Our production facility and distribution warehouses are located in Salihli district of Manisa province, 1 hour away from renowned trading port city of Izmir and in the center of rich natural resources of Western Anatolia. Built exclusively for dry pet food production on 6500m² site, Hermos has the capacity to produce 35.000 tons of pet food annually and it is the latest, most modern pet food production facility of our country and Europe.

Your pets, our inspiration! We are a team who has a deep connection with animals and every member of us treats them equally. With our expert staff and valued customers, we form a huge family, working together with principles of innovation and productivity. With the help of advanced technology, we hastened our research and development projects. We have no limits when it comes to innovation! We protect the nature thus our pets can consume organic and healthy food. We support sustainability of organic and healthy food production.

To become a worldwide brand by serving our delicacies as protein and energy source to our furry friends.

To produce best quality food through using latest technology and natural, clean raw materials for our pet friends to live a healthy and happy life.


Always a better food

ISO 22000
ISO 14001
ISO 9001

"For our friends to live a healthy and happy life, we produce excellent food using advanced technologies from natural and clean raw materials..."